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About CarShield
Headquartered in Northern California, CarShield designs, manufacturers and markets CarShield’s ST300, ST400, and ST500.

The only aftermarket remote wireless diagnostic and vehicle location service in North America.

Robust driver safety features, including nationwide automatic crash detection, 24/7 emergency assistance, plus exclusive alerts for key safety functions such as brakes, engine acceleration, excessive speed, and engine temperature, as well as door unlock and low and dead battery alerts.

More than 50 million roadside assistance calls are made each year, with a substantial number for door-unlock and dead battery services. Many of these calls and potentially unsafe situations could be avoided by using CarShield standard technology and services available to consumers today.

Advanced vehicle security protection, including GPS-based locate and track stolen vehicle features, door unlock (no need to wait hours for a third-party locksmith as dispatched by other providers), alarm notification, starter interrupt, unauthorized movement and more.

Greater consumer convenience, with 24/7 live customer help line, web interface access and iPhone / Android apps, remote start, trip logs and reports, and system transferability.

Exclusive to CarShield, professional-grade DealerSync engine diagnostics to help consumers and their dealers keep their vehicles in top performance for maximum MPG.

CarShield markets its services through many channels including leading national retailers and specialty chains throughout North America. Founded in 2004, the company’s primary operations are located in Santa Clara, California. CarShield is a privately held company.

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