Drive confidently knowing you have the most comprehensive auto protection package on the market. EnduranceAdvantage™ not only saves you thousands on auto repairs but also includes maintenance coverage plus everyday driving perks. With EnduranceAdvantage, you’ll keep money in your pocket and drive worry-free.

Extensive Component Protection

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Ideal for daily drivers looking for affordable protection. Covers extensive component coverage for vehicles 20 years old or newer, with unlimited odometer mileage upon plan initiation.


Best for daily to moderate-use drivers looking for inclusive coverage at a great price. Covers vehicles 15 years old or newer with up to 200,000 miles, with expanded parts coverage.


Most comprehensive protection package on the market. Perfect for heavy-duty drivers and those looking for the total protection package. Covers vehicles 10 years old or newer with up to 150,000 miles—seals and gaskets included.
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1 Year FREE Endurance Elite Membership

Maintenance Coverage
UP TO $3,500 VALUE

Yearly Regular Maintenance:

  • • Up to 3 Oil & Filter Changes
  • • Engine Diagnostic Exam
  • • Alignment Check
  • • State Safety Inspection Services
  • • Tire Rotation

Plus Special, One-Time Services::

  • • Brake Pads/Shoe Replacement
  • • Cooling System Maintenance
  • • Front or Rear Wiper Blade Set Replacement
  • • Battery Replacement
  • • Scheduled Service Coverage

Coverage you can count on.

EnduranceAdvantage covers breakdowns on the parts you need most—all levels of Advantage include high-level stated component coverage.

“I can’t live without my back-up camera, so having a plan that covers tech is really important to me”

Cindy, Traveling Nurse | 2016 Ford Escape | 140,000 miles Best Plan: Advantage Preferred

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